About Hats & Heels

Hats and Heels, Inc., was created in 2010 by Andreannia Johnson Bush in Prichard, (Mobile County), Alabama.  Mrs. Bush’s vision for this 501 c3 organization emerged when she was searching desperately for resources and help while fighting this horrific disease.  Her vision unfolded in the mission statement of the foundation: to heighten the public’s awareness about the consequences and symptoms of Lupus in the community.  Mrs. Bush has 20 plus years of experience battling Lupus Erythematosus. She is a Lupus Advocate, and Patient Support Group Facilitator for the Lupus Foundation of America.  The most important achievements for Hats and Heels, Inc., include the following:

  • Mayor Stimpson awarded Hats and Heels, Inc., 2015 Proclamation declaring May as Lupus Awareness Month in the City of Mobile.  
  • 2016 Certificate of Appreciation from the Mayor of Mobile for our work in the community with Lupus Awareness.
  • 2018 Certificate of Appreciation from the city’s Mayor for our work in the community with Lupus Awareness.
  • Organize and financed local patient support group services
  • Organize 1st Annual Lupus Awareness Walk
  • Organize 1st Annual Lupus Awareness Day
  • Established the Jasmine Haynes Scholarship Fund

Hats and Heels, Inc., established its name in 2015, and partnered with The Lupus Foundation of America Mid-south chapter as Mobile, Al., patient support group facilitator in January 2016.  Hats and Heels, Inc., is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization in good standing.

Our Mission is dedicated to increasing awareness, implementing education, and improving the quality of lives for all people affected by Lupus through programs which enables finding better treatments, patient support, medical research, affordable physicians, one on one counseling, and patience assistance.  At Hats and Heels, Inc., our Vision is a vibrant, healthy, compassionate world and a community where Lupus Awareness is attainable and affordable.

Hats and Heels, Inc., works diligently in the community promoting Lupus Awareness, Education, and the Arts.  For the last two years, our organization sponsored 2015-2017, Mobile Kappa Leaguer Kendrick Johnson, as well as enriched the lives of lupus patients and medical students with monetary scholarships from The Jasmine Haynes Scholarship Fund.

Hats and Heels, Inc., received training in Montgomery Al., from The Lupus Foundation of America Mid-south chapter to be a patient facilitator for a Lupus patient support group in Mobile, Al.  We are working with numerous organizations to help promote Lupus Awareness. We also teamed up with Life South Blood Bank to increase awareness of the importance of blood donations to Lupus patients in the community.

Hats and Heels, Inc., received positive media in Mobile, Al about our annual Lupus Awareness Day and our Lupus walk.  We have also entered a bill to Congress in the state of Alabama for a law that protects Lupus patients.

We received a Proclamation May 11, 2015, recognizing May as Lupus Awareness month in the city of Mobile, Al., and May 14, 2016, Certificate of Appreciation for our work with Lupus in the community by the city’s mayor.

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