Cory Penn

Cory graduated from John L. Leflore High School in Toulminville, where he was the Student Government Association (SGA) President. He studied History at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Passionate about helping youth, Cory became an educator with the Mobile County Public School System at Chastang Middle School in Trinity Gardens. He is the co-founder of Chastang Elite Service Club that is designed to help boys discover their purpose and give them the skills to have a successful life. Cory and his friend started Mighty Breakthrough Entertainment (MBE) that promotes events and produce music. With the success of MBE, Cory was invited to become the co-host of Gospel Hits 1 Video Show that aired locally and nationally. Cory taught character and leadership at the Boys & Girls Club for multiple years. He taught students how to sustain meaningful relationships with others, develop a positive self-image, and good character. Cory is currently a Behavior Trainer for Mobile County School System and the Youth Pastor at Right Way Christian Center Church. He truly has a desire for people to fully grow into their potential. Cory Penn is a family man from Mobile, AL who puts his faith into action. Cory stands ready to help his family, friends, and community at all times.  Cory lives with his wife Ivonza, daughter Kori Bell, and son Caleb in Mobile, Alabama.

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